The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has entered its second year, resulting in global conditions in an extensive crisis, degrading all aspects of human life, particularly on health; economic; social; cultural; and tourism sectors. Inevitably, all aspects of global life have been radically disrupted.

In such conditions, Indonesia as a big, strong nation that has the spirit to continue to grow, must be able to survive in various attempts. Therefore, all elements and components of the nation are very important to unite hearts, draw closer to the Almighty, ask for His wisdom that the pandemic will end soon and the world condition becomes better.

One of the attempts to bring good values is to create positive momentum, relying on the value of cultural wisdom, such as a cultural practice of some Javanese people by drawing the symbol of Ceplok Mangkoro. Ceplok Mangkoro Motif comes from the backside of the headdress or “sumping” of the Javanese wayang epic costume. “Mangkara comes from the sentence “ora ana sekara-kara which means there are no obstacles. Drawing the Ceplok Mangkoro symbol (in painting or batik) is an expression of hope and prayers which means to prevent mischance or disaster.

This positive momentum of cultural practices and prayers will be held together with the Jogja International Batik Biennale (JIBB) in October 2021, coinciding with the World Batik Day. Yogyakarta, which is recognized as the World Batik City, initiates the momentum to express prayers and cultural rituals through drawing the Ceplok Mangkoro batik motif, sending a message of unity and prayers for the world peace and safety. This activity is entitled JOGJA BATIK THE WORLD.


  1. Thailand
  2. Singapore
  3. Philippines
  4. Malaysia
  5. People’s Republic of China
  6. Japan
  7. South Korea
  8. India
  9. Russia
  10. New Caledonia
  11. Bahrain
  12. Lebanese
  13. Turkey
  14. Jordan
  15. Germany
  16. England
  17. France
  18. Italy
  19. Belgium
  20. Portugal
  21. Czech
  22. South Africa
  23. Australia
  24. New Zealand

Jogja Membatik Dunia will be held in Virtual Live through the Hybrid Event system. The committee will send a link to participants to be able to join live. The event can also be attended via zoom and Youtube. The event will be held sequentially on the same day as the 2021 JIBB main event. Both events will be held on:

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Time: 2 PM to 5 PM Western Indonesia Time

Bale Kambang & Pendopo Agung, Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel


Live Streaming via Zoom:

meeting ID: 833 8507 1729 Passcode: JIBB

Live Streaming Youtube: JIBB 2021